Friday, April 22, 2011

Renewable Investment Roadshow & Workshop - June 2011


Omega Investment Research, in its commitment to promoting renewable forms of energy in Africa, is taking between 12 to 14 African Renewables to London (6th June), Munich (8th June) and Amsterdam (10th June).

The rationale as far as the European companies are concerned is that in terms of South Africa' s international carbon commitment the country has to lessen its heavy dependence on coal ; and the Europeans know that the South African government has announced a programme whereby the contribution to South Africa's energy needs from renewables must be stepped up . As they view it, this opens significant opportunities for international companies to be involved in the South African energy situation. The opportunities include:

· Direct investments into renewable projects;
· Investments into South African equipment and technology operations, plants, manufacturing operations;
· Joint Ventures between European renewable companies and South Africa;
· Investment by South Africans in European renewable plant manufacturing operations; and
· A combination of the above.
We have advised South African energy authorities - including the Department of Energy, NERSA and ESKOM - of the initiative and they have responded very positively to it.

The roadshow and workshop will be hosted in London by Deloitte, by Siemens in Munich, and in Amsterdam by the Netherlands Renewable Association. We expect about 30 to 35 serious and carefully selected European renewable companies to attend in each centre. These will be on the recommendation of various associations with whom we have connections. If you know of any African companies who could be interested please alert them to this initiative or contact me personally for details of participation. Please visit our website for more information,

For more information regarding presentation opportunities, sponsorship and delegate registration, please contact:

Stacey Farao
Tel: +27 (0) 21 689 7881 or email

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