Thursday, June 23, 2011

Test Results for heat pump at National Park

In November 2008 a SIRAC High Efficiency Hot water heat pump was installed to the geyser hot water system at a hut in a National Park. A sealed kWh meter was fitted to monitor the electrical consumption. The electrical element in the geyser was disconnected.
At the same time a kWh meter was installed at an identical hut to monitor the electrical consumption of a conventional geyser without a heat pump
It was agreed that an attempt would be made to keep the occupancy of the two huts at approximately the same level during the test period.
The electrical consumption has been recorded by the South African National Parks Electrical and Refrigeration Division.


Period: 07/11/2008 - 06/03/2009
Hut No:           No. of visitors:          kWh used:             kWh / person:
    1                    94                               146                         1.55
    2                    85                               318                         3.7

The electrical energy consumption used by the heat pump in Hut No. 1 is 58.5% less than that used by the convenial geyser installed in hut No. 2.
The results confirm the predicted saving of 60%.

  • Geysers are the major consumer of energy at the National Park. The installation of high efficiency heat pumps will reduce this electrical consumption by 60%.
  • Throughout this test period, there has not been a single complaint about insufficient hot water.
  • The cleaning staff commented that “hut number 1 always has the best hot water”
  • The Heat Pump has had 100% reliability and has required no attention or maintenance.
  • There have been no complaints about any noise generated by the heat pump.
Heat Pump at National Park
SIRAC Heat Pump installed at National Park

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