Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wind Turbines available in Cape Town South Africa

3 X Proven Wind Turbines available. 

This Wind Turbines was manufactured in Scotland and bought 3 years ago, but never installed.

Warranties have expired, but it is still brand new and supported by Kingspan in UK for any future spares.

It is available in Cape Town.

This is the 3 models available:
1x Proven 6kW 48VDC + charger + 15m mono-pole tower
1x Proven 2.5kW 48VDC + charger + 11m mono-pole tower
1x Proven 2.5kW grid-tie + rectifier + 11m mono-pole tower
Specifications available on request.

You need to buy all three for a excellent price of R48K negotiable as is, still in crates.
Price exclude Local VAT and shipping.
This is a real bargain!!! So if interested don’t wait too long.

Best regards
Anton de Swardt
Off Grid Technologies CC
South Africa
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Mobile: +27-82-8935316 (Preferred)
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