Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sanea energy award winners announced

The South African National Energy Association (Sanea) on Thursday evening selected the winners of its Energy Awards.

National Planning Commission (NPC) commissioner Professor Anton Eberhard and Energy Intensive User Group chairperson Mike Rossouw were jointly awarded the premier Sanea Energy Award 2012 for the roles they played in their respective positions and their contribution to the development of South Africa’s energy sector.

The City of Cape Town won the Sanea Energy Project Award, for a number of campaigns and projects ensuring the responsible use of energy, while the South African Institute for Architectural Technologists achieved the Sanea Energy Education Award, for educating the country’s built environment professionals and creating awareness around the importance of energy efficiency in building design and management.

Lise Pretorius received the Sanea Energy Journalism Award for her work at the Financial Mail.

“Through exceptional performance we can demonstrate what is possible; we can set the standard for a new reality that will deliver the social and economic development necessary for South Africans to enjoy a great future,” said chairperson Brian Statham.

He stated that for South Africa to be recognised as a leading nation, it was important to stretch the boundaries and go “beyond the range of normal expectations”

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