Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World first SWH from South Africa.

After two and half years of struggling to get a corrosion proof solar water heater, MaxLite has officially unveiled their WaterLite 110Lt plastic, gravity outlet system.

Trevor van der Vyver, CEO of MaxLite has registered a patent for what he believes is a
world first solar water heater fitted with a plastic water storage tank. The WaterLite 110Lite has passed SABS 1307 and eligible for the ESKOM rebate.

The tank and outer skin of this unique system is produced entirely from polyethylene.
Polyethylene is a plastic material manufactured by SASOL in South Africa.

The need for such a system stems from the shortage of products compliant with SABS installation and system standards. Currently many South African suppliers manufacture and supply systems with a design which originates in the East. The so called low pressure systems as seen all over the country are not designed for the South African SABS water piping reticulation design. The water piping configuration in China is different to S.A.

Poor water quality is one reason why geysers rust and fail, the other is poor quality product.
Water quality in many areas cannot be guaranteed and for this reason we have our baby in the WaterLite range.

SABS standards are often upgraded to suit the changing times. Recently SANS 151 was upgraded to accept polyethylene gravity outlet geysers.

The new WaterLite baby will probably be followed by other systems but without the van der Vyver South African registered patent.

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