Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Invitation to Open Innovation Challenge

open innovation

The IDC’s Venture Capital Strategic Business Unit is seeking to fund the development of uniquely South African technologies that represent global firsts in technological innovation.

For South Africa to continue its development towards being a thriving world class economy, we need to ensure continued support for our nation’s entrepreneurs and inventors.
The IDC VC are striving to ensure that South Africa’s wealth of untapped potential is provided every opportunity to flourish. To this end, the IDC VC launched an open innovation challenge with a focus on energy efficiency.

Innovations are accelerating. Concentrator photovoltaics to dramatically reduce costs; pumping water through micro-channels on the surface of a solar panel to make it more efficient and make seawater drinkable at the same time and producing electricity from waste heat from power plants, human bodies, and microchips are some examples of innovations in the energy efficiency domain.

To read more about the IDC VC Energy Efficiency Challenge and/or to submit a business plan in response to this challenge, please visit the IDC Open Innovation Website at
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