Friday, October 5, 2012

SAAEA to lead a SA delegation to Nigeria

Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) is leading a DTI supported South African delegation to exhibit at the Nigerian Alternative Energy Expo in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria on 29-31st October 2012.
Chairman of SAAEA, Alwyn Smith said that South Africa is the renewable energy gateway to Africa and the DTI is eager to boost local manufacture by securing valuable business from the continent.
Association members taking part in this initiative are Current Automation, Agama Energy, Solaire Direct Technologies, Black Lite Energy, Calliper Consulting Engineers, Black Jills Energy, EEU Diverse Business Consulting and Zepto SA.
Through our Export Development programme we offer new and inexperienced exporters free capability assessments, support in visiting potential markets, mentoring from a local export professional, Export action plans, customised and subsidised training, and on-going support.
According to the Capacity Development Director of Centre for Export Development, Mrs.GuguTwala, South Africa is committed to expanding business opportunities into new markets, emphasizing energy-related infrastructure and the renewable energy market. Exhibitions have been identified as a decisive tool to gauge first-hand what the prospective foreign customers need. It also helps in identifying the competition and how they will react. According to her ‘this project is seen as the first stop of the Renewable Gateway to Africa campaign to be continued in Gaberone, Botswana in April 2013.’
The Department of Trade and Industry, (DTI) provides leadership on South Africa's trade policy, to promote economic growth and development, industry upgrading and diversification, poverty reduction through sustainable employment as well as job creation. The DTI further aims to build an equitable multilateral trading system that facilitates development, strengthens trade and investment links with key economies. In particular,” the DTI seeks to foster African development, through regional and continental integration and development aligned to the objectives of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad).”
In broad terms,Twala said, the development and implementation of trade policy required on-going efforts to shape the terms and conditions of South Africa's integration into the global economy, in a manner that supports South Africa's national economic and industrial developmental objectives. The department contributes to creating the conditions that enhance the export of high value-added products, promote inward and outward investments, and preserve the space to implement national development policies. It broadens and strengthens national consultative mechanisms both within government, and between governments and its stakeholders.
She added, “if you are in a small business with an internationally tradable product or service, we can help you achieve your first sale in export.”  The centre also offers one-to-one consultancy support for PIPAs and industry associations on export related matters, tailored market research, fairs and exhibitions to meet potential customers and partners and guidance on a follow-up action plan.”

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