Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prospering in the current regulatory environment in Africa

According to Go Legal, the two topics that have most preoccupied international investors in South Africa from a legal point of view are tax and human resources. Although these continue to enjoy priority, a third factor has entered the scenario: the importance of a healthy respect for the environment. South Africa’s current environmental regulatory regime is rigorous, ubiquitous and robustly enforced.

Prior to 1994, environmental regulation was limited in scope and applicable mainly to players in high-impact industries such as mining and energy. The environmental net that has since been cast under the flagship Environmental Management Act is far deeper and wider.

With private sector participation in the power sector still fairly new and regulators and energy departments still finding their way in the commercial market, those in the African power sector must find ways to prosper in the current regulatory environment and constantly be aware of opportunities throughout the region.

As a global developer of clean energy projects, Camco has put together a presentation outlining the latest policy developments, tariffs, regulatory frameworks and legislation in Africa.

Here’s 3 key reasons to download the presentation. Learn:
How should private sector IPP developers (renewables) position themselves in the power market across Africa?
Where are the major opportunities?
How to engage with Governments to ensure sustainable market mechanisms and security of investment is in place?

Download free presentation now

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