Monday, December 10, 2012

Geyser Blankets from Pioneer Plastics

The PIONEER GEYSER BLANKET is a fast, simple, and effective method of saving up to 27% of your electricity bill in WINTER and SUMMER.

The PIONEER GEYSER BLANKET consists of an insulation material, assisted by an air gap and an outer reflective coating. The essence of fitting a geyser with the Geyser Blanket is to minimize the thermal energy (heat) loss, thereby saving energy. Eskom DSM has supported the installation of Geyser Blankets for the past few years. Theoretical calculations show that substantial savings can be achieved with the installation of Geyser Blankets.

125000 PIONEER GEYSER BLANKETS fitted for ESKOM with a saving of 7,6 MEGAWATT (27% Saving)

The PIONEER GEYSER BLANKET complies with all test requirements as per the CSIR Fire Tests, as well as the Moisture Absorption and Fungal Attack Tests conducted by the SABS. The PIONEER frosty is recommended as an outside wrapping for Geysers in the Domestic and Industrial Sector.

The PIONEER PIPE INSULATION works hand in hand with the PIONEER GEYSER BLANKET. The Pipe Insulation is simply wrapped around the hot water pipes so as to keep them insulated and minimise the loss of heat in water.

Other exciting products in the PIONEER PLASTICS ENERGY range include the PIONEER Roof Insulation, PIONEER Pipe Insulation as well as PIONEER Solar Geysers and Rain Water Harvesting systems.

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CSIR Fire Test Report – view or download
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