Tuesday, January 15, 2013

African wireless telecoms gets power boost

High-purity hydrogen generation product manufacturer Hy9 and Clean Energy Investments have teamed up to deliver standalone power systems to enable the deployment of wireless communication systems in Africa.

The parties would integrate fuel cell stationary power systems with Hy9's hydrogen-on-demand-system (HDS) on-site hydrogen generators for turnkey backup power systems.

Hy9 president and CEO Gary Clarke said that telecommunications, data centres and other mission-critical applications would receive uninterrupted, on-demand power through the use of the fuel cell systems coupled to on-site hydrogen generation.

“The Hy9 fuel processor, or reformer, converts a liquid fuel, in this case methanol and water, into hydrogen for use with fuel cell power systems, eliminating the nearly constant supply of hydrogen cylinders required for off-grid locations,” he said.

“As compressed hydrogen is not always readily available in the majority of African countries, we have partnered with Hy9 to produce hydrogen on site for our Altergy Fuel Cells,” said Clean Energy Investments CEO Gavin Coetzer, noting that the integrated solution would allow the group to promote fuel cells beyond its present compressed hydrogen distribution network.

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