Sunday, January 20, 2013

Employment Wanted

Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Dealer/ Customer development. 

I have been passionately involved in alternative energy since the late 1980's. 
I am an astute marketer with a keen eye for opprtunities and have had much 
success in recent years in photovoltaics, solar water heating and LED lighting 
I have been able to prise open markets and sniff out business with a very different 
approach to marketing/ sales on a shoe-string budget. 
During the past four years I have gathered a database over 1000 prospective clients 
in the green industry. Marketing/sales assignments in PV, SWH and LED which were 
initially scheduled for 3 months, have stretched into years of succes in sales and 
brand awareness. 
My strengths include being able to think independently and outside the box, 
mature and loyal with a great sense of humour. I am able to kick down doors and 
establish new markets. 

I am based in Johannesburg and am available immediately.

Dudley Filippa 082 454 2816

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