Thursday, January 3, 2013

maxx-solar 2013 course program

The maxx-solar academy, South Africa´s Premier Training Institute on Solar Power is a non-profit training center based in Durban. It was established in 2011 by the German training institute DGS Solarschool Thuringia, with financial support from maxx-solar& energie GmbH & Co. KG.

Objectives of the maxx-solar academy
Increase the use of renewable energy and the rational use of energy in South Africa
Provide further education and training on renewable energy to a wide audience
Install renewable energy education in schools and/or for learners Assisting schools and the department of education in developing training material for children and teachers to be used at schools

Activities of the maxx-solar academy
Providence of renewable energy training courses in South Africa
Develop individual renewable energy training programs on demand
Develop and provide renewable energy days for schools
Develop teaching aids and worksheets for schools
Develop and provide renewable energy awareness campaigns
Support and work on social responsibility projects (CRS) Programs
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