Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newsletter 30th January 2013

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Biomass Plant Feasibility Study - South Africa 
CDC seeks contractors for R300m Coega IDZ wind tower factory 
RFI - The Provision of Individual Consultancy Services for the Kigoma Solar Program Performance Evaluation 
Tender - Hybrid Electric Vehicle - South Africa - 14-2-13 
Registration on Green Fund Panel of Experts - South Africa 
RFP - Funding - Green cities and Towns 
RFP - Solar panels - Madagascar 23-1-13 

News and Info

Tier One Solar Panels: Just a Marketing Slogan ? 
Solar System Products Training in South Africa 
South Africa has to show leadership, not compliance, in solar policy 
Italian transformer manufacturer seeks local partner. 
Solar Cell Efficiency Round-Up: Thin Film Closing the Gap with Silicon 
Just a Marketing Slogan ? Tier One Solar Panels: 
The Latest PV Panel Output Study from Photon 
Basic Facts About the Sun 
Bamboo to Liquid Fuel – Exciting New Prospect 
Current Automation launches new website. 
CSP World Map - World map with csp plants location 
Thin Film PV hits 20.4% efficiency rate 
Local content is key for South African IPPs 
Libya lays foundation stone for large PV power plant 
Funding plan for waste to energy plant in CAR 
Billions spent on wind and solar projects 
Solar-Powered Glowing Roads Could Save Lives 
Eucalyptus as a biomass feedstock 
South Africa's 5 GW Solar Park: Energy focus moves to Prieska 
Eskom gears up to start Sere wind farm construction in April 
Tender - 100 KvA uninterrupted power supply units - South Africa 8/2/13 
Clean technology investment summit -South Africa 
Employment Wanted 
Concrete Wind Towers: A Low-tech Innovation for a High-tech Sector 
The Innovation Hub OI Solution Exchange Workshop - South Africa 
Energy R&D - 50% tax deduction - South Africa 
Owner’s engineer appointed for 67 MW Cape wind project 
Job Opportunity - Labour Relations Officer - South Africa 
For Sale - 4 x 3.88 MW Unused DEUTZ MWM Gas fired Engine Generator Sets 
German scholarship program – free course on renewable energy in South Africa! 
The solar debate: going beyond subsidized programmes 
RFQ Feasibility study for Green Power Tariff - South Africa 25/1/13 
Sweden seeks to import trash due to shortage 
SAAEA: Confirmation of delayed third renewables window - South Africa …
Solar Without Subsidies | The Solar Future: South Africa 2013 
Expression of Interest - CSP Project - South Africa 
Agency launches open-access Web portal on global renewable resources 
African wireless telecoms gets power boost 
Biomass landfill power site - South Africa 13/2/13 
CRONIMET MINING AG constructs solar power stations in South Africa 
The newest member of Eskom's 49m initiative 
Spur's Used Cooking Oil Powers Engines 
Dwelling Brings Solar Power to Slums 
Eskom mulls big biomass co-firing plan in bid to lower coal emissions 
SA and world urged to accelerate carbon-capture efforts 
Warren Buffett to build world's largest solar energy project 
Japanese Corporations Seek To Profit from Renewable Energy Generation 
Finance for renewable energy projects. 
maxx-solar 2013 course program 
Solar Marketing – Gangam Style 
Paving Streets With Recycled Plastic 
Tenesol/SunPower Begin Work On Two Solar Projects In South Africa 
Govt publishes new waste tyre management plan 
BYD supplying Solar Panels to South Africa 
RE news from abroad. 
Access new energy projects in Africa 
Do you have a solution ? Meter bypass and tampering 
New SA subsidiary for Krinner 
Malawi gives thumbs up to ethanol 
Eskom mulls big biomass co-firing plan in bid to lower coal emissions 
Simple solutions, reliable Solar Systems - Krinner 
Employment - Solar PV Grid Engineer - South Africa 

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