Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Third renewables window delayed - South Africa

The Department of Energy has taken the decision to postpone the 3 rd
Bid Submission date by three months to 19 August 2013. Thus, the Window 3 
submission date is no longer 7 May 2013 but, 19 August 2013. The reasons for the 
postponement include the following:
Lessons from Window 1 Financial Close – the Department’s need to incorporate 
lessons from this Window into the subsequent windows. Thus, it is necessary
important to allocate more time for effective inclusion of the value adding 
Updating of the Request for Proposals (RFP) – the IPP team has been inundated 
with clarity seeking questions from bidders who required explanations of certain 
sections of the RFP. Having provided the required clarity, it is deemed important 
to incorporate into the RFP all the amendments made through briefing notes. An 
RFP inclusive of the briefing notes will simplify the process of preparing bids -
especially for first time bidders.
The Department of Energy is also of the view that this short postponement will 
allow potential bidders the opportunity to consider the updated RFP and ensure 
that they can address all necessary changes timeously.
In the light of various commitments associated with governments overall delivery 
cycles, it is also considered appropriate to postpone the submission date to the 
second half of the calendar year. This will allow the IPP team sufficient time to 
give consideration to the preferred bidder process. 
The Department published new Determinations on the 19
th of December 2012. It is imperative that the new renewable determinations are considered in the current programme.

It is projected that the work involved in achieving the tasks stated above can only be 
completed around February 2013. The Department of Energy believes that publication 
of a revised RFP by February 2013, with the 19th August as the Bid Submission date, 
will give bidders sufficient time to finalise their bids for submission in line with the revised 

The process of registering for participation in Window 3 will be re-opened closer to the 
bid submission date to allow for further registration for this window. Bidders will have an 
opportunity to register new projects for Window 3

Media Statement issued by Ms Thandiwe Maimane, Spokesperson for the 
Department of Energy.

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