Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Course - Carbon Monitoring in CDM Afforestation/Reforestation Projects

Monitoring is important in implementing afforestation and reforestation projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This e-learning course presents the methods for carbon monitoring in these types of projects, and includes three modules:
Module 1: Preparing for Project Monitoring (reviews key concepts, such as carbon pools, project stratification and boundary, sampling design and species data)
Module 2: Monitoring Forest Carbon Stocks (how to measure various forest carbon pools)
Module 3: Monitoring Project Emissions and Leakage (explores sources of project emissions and leakage) 

The course is made up of two parts: (1) three self-paced multimedia learning modules, each of which is around 1 hour; and (2) online facilitated discussion forums. Participants are expected to devote a total of 8 hours to complete this course.
Target Audience: Project developers, managers and staff working on afforestation/reforestation projects and on carbon finance.
Course Format: Facilitated
Course Theme: Climate Change
Sub-Theme: Climate-Smart Agriculture - Towards Landscape Approach
Language: English
Amount: US $ 250
Contact Name: Yu Huan

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