Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photovoltaic courses in Durban, South Africa.

Maxx-solar academy is announcing the next round of courses. After having a very successful training week in Pretoria, the academy is now offering  the Sunrise Beginner and Intermediate course in Durban,
11th till 13th of March.

The 3 day program covers the following topics:
1. What are Renewable Energies and which role do they play in the      world and South Africa?

2. Photovoltaic- one way towards decentralized power supply?

3. Can Photovoltaic supply electricity to everyone?

4. Is Photovoltaic cost effective?

5. Is there a market for photovoltaic in South Africa?

6. What is the technology and principle behind Photovoltaic?

7. Grid – or off-grid system – What is the way to go?

8. What are the different components and functionalities of Photovoltaic systems?

9. How to design a photovoltaic system?

The course is targeting newcomers in the field of Photovoltaic, decision makers who need a broad overview in Photovoltaic and everybody who wants to attend the more advanced courses such as electricians, technicians, installers, engineers and architects.

Our training programmes are very interactive. A variety of hands-on training material (roof model for demonstration of the PV module installation, photovoltaic experimental kits, calculation tools and panel discussions) facilitate the understanding of solar power generation.

For more information please visit or contact Manja directly via phone 076 765 4416 or email

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