Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finance available for Waste to energy plants.

We are a developer of Waste to Energy Plants that eliminates Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) and Produces Electricity. All equipment is proven USA Technology - “best in class” manufactured by leading Corporations that work in synergy to produce outstanding results of Clean Green Renewable Energy.

The 21st Century is to protect the Environment and find alternative ways to produce electricity without using fossil fuels and with the our Program it relieves another growing problem of build-up in landfill dumps.

Environmental concerns are known the world over, the effects global warming is causing man-kind and with this concern we uses technology that will adhere to stringent Environmental standards and practices with emissions well below U.S. EPA and European Union Emissions Standards. Plus Carbon Credits are generated in each EEFC WTE Plant.

The MSW with a mixture of other higher calorific feedstock such as used tires, or E-waste is continually feed into the Gasifier where it eliminates the waste and produces syngas that will is used in a boiler that produces super heated steam that will be used in a steam generator-set to produce electricity. This is the simple explanation to understand the general concept and you may explore later the complete engineering information that will describe the equipment in full detail.

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Andreas Abraham said...

Waste to Energy from Municipal Solid Waste (MWS)it even produces electricity is " proven USA Technology - “best in class”- to produce outstanding results.
Well in Germany we would call it a "Müllverbrennungsanlage" which actually is standart since decades in municipal waste removal - nothing realy "outstanding". You got to be american to see it this way!
Waste to Energy is certainly not an invention made in the USA!

Viele Grüße,
Andreas Abraham
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Fields of action: organic waste to biogas, Co2 for algae breeding - wind/solar energy to renewable, natural gas(methane), diatom fertilizer against algae bloom - for your interest: