Friday, October 29, 2010

Address by the Minister of Energy, at the Solar Park Investor Conference

It is my privilege and honour to welcome all industry players present today. The dynamic representation here gives us assurance that you will successfully establish a deeper understanding of the vision, aspirations and commitment of our country in the quest of energy security through diversification of our energy sources. 
Such diversity in our energy mix is a cornerstone of the Energy Policy of the ruling party, the African National Congress. Equally the necessity of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as part of our energy future is fundamental. The details of these will be presented in the following presentations by the Department of Energy.
Indeed we believe that both principles of energy security and diversification can only be possible if we bring on board Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to contribute to the energy balance.
Ladies and gentlemen, you will all recall that as government, we decided that we must ensure that an equitable level of national resources should be invested in renewable energy technologies, given their potential and comparing them to investments in other energy supply options. 

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