Friday, November 19, 2010

Agama Energy launches new Biogas Digesters

Apart from retaining all the great features of the original product the new stronger design enables more flexibility around the depths of the installation - which is dependent on the depth of the sewer pipe in existing houses. 
· access via a rodding eye to the sewer outlet pipe 
· a gas cap that can be removed if maintenance is required 
· only 2 risers above ground instead of 3 reducing visual impact 
· a separate overflow opening for manure systems 

There are two models of the BiogasPro: the BiogasPro-6 and the BiogasPro-6D.
Although we default in all our documentation to describing and showing the BiogasPro-6, where
necessary and relevant we clearly differentiate between the two models. For simplicity, we use
the term BiogasPro throughout as a standard name for the BiogasPro-6.

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