Monday, November 15, 2010

The donQi Urban Windmill

Personalise your wind turbine.

The donQi Urban Windmill was designed by donQi, a young company with great ambitions in the field of clean and sustainable decentralised electricity generation. The founders are convinced that individuals and organisations will become their own energy manager. The goal is to provide more profitable decentralised and sustainable energy technologies, which will increase the reliability of the energy supply and enable consumers to also act as producers. Besides wind turbines donQi will also be operating in the field of integrated energy solutions with the application of a combination of wind power, solar energy and heat pumps in the near future.

Dutch product
The donQi Urban Windmill is a completely Dutch product – the wind turbine was developed in a joint venture with the Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium under the supervision of TU Delft, L+R faculty, wind power section and a number of reputable Dutch industrial companies. The development was made possible with the support of SenterNovem. The assembly of the wind turbine takes place at the social workplace at de Roteb in Rotterdam.

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