Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moratorium on Petroleum Exploration and Production

Moratorium imposed on the processing of applications in respect of Petroleum Exploration and Production 
CCI wishes to draw your attention to the following notice: 

The Minister of Mineral Resources published a notice imposing a moratorium under section 49(1) of the MPRDA, on the processing of all new applications for reconnaissance permits, technical co-operation permits, exploration rights and production rights with effect from 1 February 2011. The designated areas for the aforesaid moratorium are depicted on the plan attached to the Notice as Annexure A. 

Existing applications for technical co-operation permits, exploration rights and/or production rights received before the date of publication of the Notice, will not be affected. 

Notice No: 54 GG: 33988 Date: 01/02/2011 

A copy of the above mentioned notice and Annexure A can be viewed on our website.

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