Monday, April 4, 2011

Newsletter 4th April 2011

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Project Management Services for Eskom’s 100MWe Concentrating Solar Thermal Demonstration Power Plant in Upingto
REEEP calls for project proposals
RFI..Manufacture and promotion of solar-related products..South Africa

Is renewable energy a reality in South Africa ?
Not all is sunshine and light in the solar water heater industry
Juwi has entered the South African market
IRP2010 in promulgation process
Govt tweaks energy policy
Heavyweights to use solar power
Capturing and converting CO2 from flue gas into useful materials.
Harvesting Africa’s Solar potential to deliver the next generation of clean energy
Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention
Krinner Ground Screws for PV mounting
Coal projects brought forward in SA’s IRP2010
Botswana sees renewable feed-in tariffs for 2012
US aims to expand lending to green African projects
Group Five hopes to build R5bn solar power plant
Renewable energy investment needs stable policy implementation.
Forging ties with China
Renewable tariff cuts..refit South Africa
Massive Wind Farm to Power Kenya
Carbon Capture & Nuetralization
Review of REFIT - Invitation For Public Comments
Cut CO2 intensity by 18% by 2015, China industry ordered
Renewable energy costs are coming down..South Africa
Renewable energy feed-in tariffs
Refit project criteria likely to be tough
Present your ideas and experiences at Hydropower Africa 2011
Renewable energy training
Highmark Renewables registers South African patent
Treadle Pumps: Changing the lives of farmers in Africa.
Africa to host 2011 CIF Partnership Forum
Illovo may opt to produce biofuels
Mainstream Renewable Power Consortium
Investec Climate Action Facility Project in South Africa
The Green Expo Launched 18-20 November. Cape Town, South Africa
New report on Jatropha for investors
IPPs to be key renewables driver, but Eskom to focus on CSP, wind
Wind developers slam Nersa move to slash Refit rates
Renewable Energy project financing
Beyond IRP2010
Win a Water Auditing Level 1 Course worth R6500
ESKOM Heat Pump Rebate Program
Rwanda to spend $935m on geothermal power
Nersa moves to cut Refit tariffs just as SA promises to boost renewables
DoE says there will be no grid separation ‘big bang’
Adaptation Academy Foundation Course 2011, South Africa
SA should learn from the crisis in Japan
Energy efficiency vital for growth: Motlanthe
SA’s power market structure to be scrutinised
Networking breakfast and the latest on the Green Economy

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