Monday, April 18, 2011

Renewable Energy Africa..Conference and Expo

Our vision is to accelerate renewable energy as a viable energy source to meet Africa’s demands.
REA mission:
This is Africa’s platform for discussions and showcases on the challenges of rising energy demands and the actions needed to achieve a sustainable future for Africa. It is an ideal networking event for industry leaders, investors, experts, policymakers, scientists and researchers to discuss the innovations in the industry and to find suitable solutions for the existing challenges in the area.

No longer can we afford the comfort of questioning and prevention, we need solutions and coping strategies as we approach this; the point of no return. REA will develop and execute alternative strategies and methods that enlighten and educate the growing economies and populations world wide on the sustainability of renewable energy resources.

This will be an applied and constructive conference & interactive exhibition that will give renewable energy in South Africa and Africa a voice.

There is a need to encourage relations and networking between policy-makers, eco-innovators, researchers, product suppliers and funding agencies in order to deliver a laundered and more sustainable world.

For decision makers and industry leaders alike, it is an opportunity to meet, network and be fully updated on all the key developments in renewable energy resources. It will provide participants with a solid base for making informed decisions and arm participants with the tools, information and contacts necessary to play a key role in the renewable energy industry.

Through the conference sessions and interactive exhibitions participants will gain first hand knowledge and experience from key decision makers and industry leaders. Participants will be a part of the development of renewable energy as well as benefiting from unique and unrivalled networking opportunities and attaining insight in, and understanding of, the key policy issues as well as to debate the policies.

Those with an aspiration to solve the challenges of Africa’s future energy needs and in particular:
Ø Regional and local government departments responsible for renewable energy planning
Ø Architects, companies and energy consultants responsible for strategy planning
Ø Directors and Heads of environment
Ø Engineers in all fields
Ø Green energy experts
Ø Commodity Traders / agents & Brokers
Ø Associations & Press
Ø Researchers
Ø Entrepreneurs
Ø Funding and Insurance Institutes
Ø International Organisations
Ø Policy Makers and regulators
Ø Project Developers/Consultants / Analysts
Ø Equipment & Technology Solutions
Ø Energy representatives
Ø Automotive & Transport companies

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