Saturday, May 21, 2011

Generation licences/approvals

Eskom does not issue generation licences/approvals.  NERSA is 
responsible for the issuing of licenses for the generation and supply 
of electricity.  The connection to the Eskom network is subject to the 
issuing of a License by NERSA. For further information, please 
contact NERSA at 

Note that Eskom cannot provide a connection to a generator that 
does not receive its required approvals from NERSA 

This process only deals with applications to Eskom, i.e. where the 
generator is located in the Eskom’s licensed area of supply.  You 
will need to contact your local municipality if your generator is 
located in a Municipality licensed area of supply.  Eskom can assist 
with contact details; alternatively contact NERSA to facilitate the 

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