Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University RE test centre.


In 2007 S.A.S.S.A (Solar Academy of Sub-Saharan Africa), the holding company of Tasol, formed a working partnership with the Centre for Energy Research (CER) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. The aim of this was to expand the facilities for research into renewable energy at the university. 

Tasol donated some thermal systems for the post graduate residences at the university and sponsored the extension of its outdoor testing facility. The extension was specifically for the establishment of the Thermal Testing facility. 

At the testing facility, solar systems can be tested for performance and reliability. Individual components can also be checked for compliance to rated specifications. It is believed that these results are a close reflection of real-time behavior of systems, rather than testing them under ideal laboratory conditions.


New systems and component development is also done at the facility with close cooperation between the technical division of Tasol and academics of the CER. A number of research papers are to be presented for publication with regards to work done in the thermal field, including heat pumps. 

The academy also intends to create a learning facility, in conjunction with the CER, in which short courses in solar thermal, PV and heat pumps can be presented. Tasol has already written many installation manuals and text on renewable energy, and manycourses have been presented nationwide

State of the art software programs are being used for the design of larger systems. These include internationally recognized TSOL, PVSOL and PVSYST. These simulation programs are used to simulate large systems and thus ensures correct sizing which leads to greater economic efficiency.

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