Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat Pump or Solar Water Heater?

General Heat Pump Questions
Will I have hot water at night?
Heat Pumps deliver hot water day and night. They produce hot water 24/7
Unlike solar systems that only produce hot water during sunny daylight hours.
How much saving can I expect?
With electricity prices escalating, you as a house owner have tried to investigate all possible measures to save power. Your biggest electricity user is your geyser, producing hot water.
You have tried to find out as much as possible about solar heating. So how much does a solar system save you and how would this compare to a heat pump?
Independant comparritive research conducted by members of the University of the Nort West Engineering Faculty based their findings on an average 4 person household. This had the following annual hot water consumption and electricity used to heat the water of:-
 Heat Pump Comparrison - year

They compared a low end medium quality Solar Water Heater (SWH) and a high quality SWH with a Heat Pump and found the following savings for each system as :-
As you can see the Heat Pump out performed the SWH systems with a greater saving in electricity. 
Why? A Solar heating system only saves on your heating in the middle of summer on a nice hot summer’s day. On an overcast day or in the evening, however, there are no savings and the conventional back-up electric heating element heats the water.

Heat Pumps also save more than other kinds of water heating.
Our Enerflow heat pump produces heat 24/7, rain or shine, day or night, absorbing thermal and electro-mechanical energy from its surroundings and has a starting base line of a guaranteed 50% savings up to 80% savings on your water heating bill.


Nina marsh said...

I have a quick question for a article i am writing. what is better a water source heat pump or a ground source heat pump. I understand there is little difference in the designs of them. I know the difference between the two systems but which allows the greatest efficiently?

Alwyn (SAAEA) said...

Geothermal/ground source heat pumps not common in South Africa (yet).
Although ground source systems should be more efficient, I think the real difference is in the cost drilling or digging holes for geothermal versus simply installing a air source heat pump.

Downdraft Electric Cooktop said...


Heat pump water heaters work using the same premise as any heat pump. Heat pumps gain their efficiency by using electricity to move heat versus using the electricity to create it. The heat pump uses a heat exchanger located within the tank to transfer the warmth to the water. Thank you...

sarah-jackson17 said...

Great, informative post regarding heat pumps ,me and my husband recently had one installed in our rural property. The main goal of this was to do away with our tradition skirting based radiators that made my excema act up terribly. I'm happy to say that overall, since the installation i've found it much easier to cope with. So for people like me it counts as even more than an enviromentally friendly project!