Sunday, June 5, 2011

Newsletter 5th June 2011

Employment wanted/ here
Tenders/Quotation Requests.....
SAAEA has revolutionised the renewable energy industry with it's innovative and ground breaking online quotation system. From a buyers perspective the time-saving on costing is simply sensational. Submit your request....
Request for Information. Supply of Wooden Pellet or torrefied Biomass Fuel. South Africa
Solar Photovoltaic Panel Powered Irrigation System in Mozambique..Pre-Qualification for tender
RFI..exhibiting or providing services to COP17
Tender For Environmental Impact Assessment..Botswana
EOI...Solar Measuring Stations in Lesotho
EOI..Wind Measuring Stations in Lesotho
Tenders for cow manure digesters and associated equipment to produce energy
Tender for Solar water heating installtion Works...Kenya
Tender for solar photovoltaic systems for electrification..Zambia
Install Solar Powered Water Disinfection Unit..Ethiopia
Pre-qualification for Generators, Solar Equipment..Uganda
Renewable Energy Market Transformation Project...Requests for Proposals
Refit delayed..Nersa
Grape farmer goes solar to pump up profits
Now's your chance to give the gift of light
First Refit capacity to be procured by year-end, Peters asserts
Eskom renewable energy project: AfDB appraisal report
Solar installations in Southern Africa
Wind Power installations in Southern Africa
Nokero solar light bulb
We are living in exceptional times...exceptional film.."HOME"
The connection we have to water is more than what you would expect.
Northernmost green energy building
The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Volume 2
No ‘green’ earmarking plan for carbon tax revenue
Eskom gets $365m for 200 MW wind energy and concentrated solar energy
Shale Gas versus Renewables
West Coast Wind Farms...Local reaction.
South African solar power demonstration plant to start in 2013
Solar panels getting a makeover
SA hosts climate ministers
Green energy roll-out stalled
Electrical Energy From Waste- Durban South Africa
Trash to treasure: Turning steel-mill waste into bricks
Hydrokinetics / In-Stream Power Pontoons
Funding for Solar Water Heating Systems for a Retirement Village
Suzlon wins 159MW South African supply deal
Divert households to LPG...Peters
Hydro Power Installations in South Africa
When fueling up means plugging in
Google backs wind energy
Eucalyptus tree genome deciphered
Digestion tanks can produce biogas and save energy in sewage plants
First of five gas-to-energy projects for Johannesburg.
Cookhouse Wind Energy Facility
Energy Audits to create more efficient operations, lower costs.
Bursary opportunity for a GCX Certified Water Management course worth R6500

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