Sunday, May 6, 2012

South African DTI offer financial support for exhibiting in Nigeria

The renewable energy sector in South Africa will drive development in the rest of Africa.

Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo(NAEE) is a great opportunity for South African companies to promote their products and technologies to audited international buyers. Participants will be eligible to meet volume buyers face to face at the fair.

Alternative Energy, solar, wind, energy efficiency companies and integrators  interested in  increasing their turnover by export to participate at the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo  from October 24-26th, 2012.

The South African Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) is offering financial support for South African companies to exhibit at NAEE.

The SAAEA will assist with applications and coordinate/lead a South African delegation.

Support from DTI include funding of travel, accommodation, transport of samples, exhibition costs, training, and promotional/publicity material.

If you are a South African Company and your product has at least 35% local content financial assistance from the D.T.I. means you can participate for virtually nothing!

Space is limited please apply by 6th Aug 2012

Participating enterprises should:
1. be in operation for more than 12 months
2. participate in a structured export development programme
3. not exported in the past
4. not participated in EMIA before ( DTI export programme)
5. A completed emerging exporters’ application form
6. A copy of the entity’s exporter registration certificate from Customs and Excise
7. Proof of registration of the entity if it is a CC or (Pty) Ltd
8. A full visible colour product brochure, CD ROM, photographs, or pictures of the products to be exhibited
9. Audited financial statements or bank statements for the last three months.
10. Copy of a valid passport of the proposed traveler
11. Original valid tax clearance certificate
12. Profile of the entity
Points no 2, 5,8 and 12 the Coordinator can organize.
We are awaiting official form and clarification for point no. 6.

Kindly contact us to register your interest and receive entry forms for this important initiative.
071 637 8466

Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo

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